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Light & Medium Roasts

Light Roast - This is as light as we go.  These beans are light brown and have no oil on the surface.  They have the highest caffeine content, the most acid, and are the brightest of all coffees.  The characteristics of the different origins are most pronounced in these roasts.

Medium/Light Roast - Roasted slightly longer than the light roast you still get the fruity notes, but with a slightly fuller body.  These beans will be light brown with no surface oils.

Medium  Roast - This roast will have a slightly darker color than the light roasts.  Small amounts of oils will sometimes be seen on the surface.  This is our favorite roast level as you will be able to still taste the original coffee, but the brightness will be complemented by a fuller body.

Most orders are roasted the day after received.  We then carefully package the coffee in stand up pouches with one way valves to preserve freshness.  Your coffee is then shipped the following day and you receive it at around 3 - 4 days old and never more than a week old.

Prices below are for 1 pound (16 oz.) bags.  We also offer 12 oz. bags.  We prefer to sell whole beans, but will grind to your preference for a minimal charge of 25 cents per bag.


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