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This coffee comes from a certified organic single estate in the Jarabacoa region of the Dominican Republic. The Ramirez Estate employs over 400 people. 40 percent of the workers are female and many of them are Haitian migrant workers. We pay roughly 300 percent higher wages than Fair Trade to the Estate and they use a decent portion of their profits to create sustainable gas recycling (to reduce emissions), water filtration (to prevent river contamination), and to donate computers and books to many of the local schools. 


Red Honey Process: The honey coffee process is the hardest and most demanding coffee processing method. The processor has to start by pulping the coffee and then spreads it out for drying without any washing.  This leaves part of the pulp on the bean. Then the processor spreads the coffee beans thinly on special drying beds and turns them every hour for 10-15 days to gain the needed stability.  The result is a coffee with fine elegant attributes associated with the high-end washed coffee coupled up with substantial fruit and body sweetness of the natural coffee.  This process is refined and includes several styles; yellow, white, black and red styles.  The processors base the style by the percentage of flesh they leave on the coffee bean after the pulping and drying process.


Cupping Notes:  Balanced Stone Fruit and Pomegranate ... Sweet & Smooth

Dominican Republic Red Honey Process Medium/Light

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