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Vienna & Mixed Roasts

Vienna Roast - This roast level could be called a Dark Medium or a Light Dark.  The beans are moderate dark brown with light surface oil.  These coffees tend to be more bittersweet with more caramel or chocolate notes.  The acidity is also muted.

Black & Tan - This is a combination of medium roasted and dark roasted beans - the best of both worlds.

Most orders are roasted the day after received.  We then carefully package the coffee in stand up pouches with one way valves to preserve freshness.  Your coffee is then shipped the following day and you receive it at around 3 - 4 days old and never more than a week old.

Prices below are for 1 pound (16 oz.) bags.  We also offer 12 oz. bags.  We prefer to sell whole beans, but will grind to your preference for a minimal charge of 25 cents per bag.

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