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Water-Processed Decaf

Medium  Roast - This is our favorite roast level.  Brown in color with little to no oils on the surface.  Bright flavor and full body.


Vienna Roast - These beans are moderate dark brown with light surface oil.  These coffees tend to have more caramel or chocolate notes.  The acidity is also muted.

Black & Tan - This is a combination of medium roasted and dark roasted beans - the best of both worlds.

Dark Roast - These beans are oily and have a good body.  You will notice these coffees are roasty and rich.  These will have very little bitter compared to a french roast.

French Roast - This roast is as dark as we go.  These beans   are very oily and have a strong roast flavor.  They have a lot   of body with a richness, and a hint of bitter, that dark         roast lovers look for.

Prices below are for 1 pound (16 oz.) bags.  We also offer 12 oz. bags.  We prefer to sell whole beans, but will grind to your preference for a minimal charge of 25 cents per bag.

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