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Farm House Coffee Roasters is a certified organic micro-roastery located in Winterport, Maine.  We believe in roasting only the best quality organic coffee, supporting our coffee farmers and their communities, and protecting our environment.  We roast in small batches to bring you the best product possible and we thank you for choosing our coffee.

November Update

If I was slower than usual the last week of September the picture above is why.  Finally went on a nice family vacation.  We went on a 4-day trip to Toronto!  We had a blast.  We started out by stopping at the baseball Hall of Fame (pictured above).  Continued to Niagara Falls where we crossed the border.  Spent a couple nights in Toronto and went the aquarium and saw two Red Sox vs Blue Jay games while we were there (we are of course Sox fans).  Briefly saw Montreal on the way back … family vacation was a success!


Cold weather is now here.  My kids have switched from Baseball & Field Hockey to Dance and Basketball … all the while wishing for snow.  I, on the other hand, am in no rush.


This month’s coffee question: “Does a light or medium roast really have more caffeine than a dark roast?” … Although the answer is yes, it is such a small amount that it is insignificant.  Drink whatever roast you prefer!  If you want more caffeine just have another cup of Farm House!


Hope you and yours are well.  Thanks for your continued support, and as always - You’re the best!😊   - Andrew

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