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Farm House Coffee Roasters is a certified organic micro-roastery located in Winterport, Maine.  We believe in roasting only the best quality organic coffee, supporting our coffee farmers and their communities, and protecting our environment.  We roast in small batches to bring you the best product possible and we thank you for choosing our coffee.

Team Picture December 2019
Team Picture December 2019

                            Andrew                                       Mike                       Garrett

             Owner & Roast Master                                Dad who is an incredible help!             Do it all ... Right-Hand Man

Happy February 2021!


The big change here at the roastery is I lost my right-hand man Garrett.  He had been here for 2 ½ years.  He was about the best possible employee anyone could have.  His longtime girlfriend got transferred to NJ, and of course he went with her.  I will miss him greatly.  Not only was he the best employee ever, but he became, and will remain, a close friend. 


His replacement is my 11-year-old son Joseph.  He is only going to school 2 days a week and he wanted something to do.  He is very proud to have his “1st job”!  He will be doing a good deal of my prep work, labeling, and helping me clean up.  This is very exciting as now we are again a team of 3 … but now it is 3 generations of Newell’s!  My Dad (Papa – 71), Me (43) & Joey (11)!How could you have more fun?  Oh, and joey drinks his decaf black! … and likes to sample all the other fun coffees as well!


As always keep an eye out for new fun and exciting coffees!  You really are the best and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.