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Farm House Coffee Roasters is a certified organic micro-roastery located in Winterport, Maine.  We believe in roasting only the best quality organic coffee, supporting our coffee farmers and their communities, and protecting our environment.  We roast in small batches to bring you the best product possible and we thank you for choosing our coffee.

Team Picture December 2019
Team Picture December 2019
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                            Andrew                                       Mike                       Garrett

             Owner & Roast Master                                Dad who is an incredible help!             Do it all ... Right-Hand Man

Happy August 2021!


We are in need of a new team picture!  Exciting news here ... Garrett is back!  We are very thankful and happy to have him back.  We now have a team of 5 here at Farm House Coffee Roasters!  I'm Andrew, and I do all the roasting and fun business stuff.  Garrett does everything from packaging, to sales, to deliveries, to maintenance at the roastery.  My Son Joey does packaging and cleaning up.  And Emily and my Dad Mike do sales at local Farmers' Markets for me.  Such a blessing to have such a great team!  

So, we have been experiencing distribution issues.  This is happening all over the country.  I am sure it will sort itself out in due time, but is kind of stressful at the moment.  This is why we are currently missing several coffees.  I am trying to replace them with fun and exciting options from around the world, but we will continue to work at getting the missing coffees back ASAP. 


Anyway, thanks so much for your continued support.  And as always - You're the best!

- Andrew