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This exceptional Haitian Blue coffee comes from Coopacvod, one of the oldest known cooperatives in Haiti. This is the only Arabica Blue Mountain being exported from Haiti. It is also the only Organic Coffee found in Haiti. The cooperative's President, Francis Dubois, was an ex physics professor from Port au Prince. He has used his knowledge to use local river water to power the wash facility at the cooperative, and then he uses a tank system to filter it before it returns to the river. This helps to prevent the acids found in coffee cherries from harming the surrounding ecosystem and other local farms. Coopacvod has also committed to growing 100% Organic and Shade Grown coffee. They plant a number of diverse species around and on their farms including bananas, avocados, oranges, and peanuts. They are the operators and beneficiaries of our Own-A-Tree Project


This is the same varietal as Jamaica Blue Mountain grown in the same type of soil.  Very similar except for two things:  it is organic and less than half the price!


Cupping Notes: Mellow, smooth and creamy body. Roasted almonds, buttery mouthfeel. Acidity is low, body is medium and complexity is medium. Sweet, smooth finish with astonishing balance. This is a flawless cup of coffee.

Haitian Blue Mountain - Medium Roast

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