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Cascara, or coffee cherry tea, which is rarely produced for export, is becoming very popular.   This Cascara has notes of dried apricot, nectarine & chamomile.  It comes from Bolivia.  At the mill producers process only organic washed, natural, and honey processed coffees.  After the natural coffee is completely dry the cherry skin is removed from the bean and set aside to dry.  This becomes the sweet cup of coffee cherry tea known as Cascara. 


Brewing guidelines for cascara tea have not yet been standardized, but 22 grams per quart of water, or approximately 5.6 grams per cup (8 oz., 240 ml) is suggested.  Then adjust to your preference of either stronger or weaker herbal tea.  Add a pinch of cinnamon, or a cinnamon stick, to enhance the flavor and add even more antioxidants.  Also makes a fantastic cold brew!

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea - Bolivia

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